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Mysore Ammonia Envirotech Pvt. Ltd. (A Division of Mysore Ammonia Pvt Ltd) is based at Baroda and was founded in September’2016 to specifically provide technology and undertake DeNOx Projects from concept to commissioning for the Cement & Power Industries.

MAEPL brings in the combined strengths of Mysore Ammonia & DEC Engineering and Constructions

Mysore Ammonia was founded in 1962 and is currently the largest Distributor for Ammonia and manufacturer of Ammonia solution in the Indian Ocean region.

DEC Engineering & Constructions is engaged in carrying out Site fabrication & erection activities involving Structural, piping, static & rotary equipment’s.

Why Mysore Ammonia Envirotech Pvt. Ltd.

Activities for supply of Ammonia Storage & Handling Systems, DeNOx systems (SNCR & SCR) for the Power Industry primarily include the following:

  • Collecting & verifying Client data on NOx emission
  • Finalizing location of Ammonia water injection points for NOx control
  • Design & engineering and supply for Ammonia (+99%) Storage and conversion to 19 to 20% Ammonia water meeting statutory & safety requirements
  • Design & engineering and supply of pumping Module for Reagent (Ammonia water) to the Injectors through distribution & control modules
  • Design & engineering and supply of SCR reactors along with equipments and Injectors for atomizing of Reagent & ensuring spray coverage
  • Control of the Reagent dosing systems and Injector performance w.r.t the flue gas to meet the NOx emission standards and optimize consumption of Ammonia solution

Mysore Ammonia Group

Mysore Ammonia, with its origins from Mumbai, started as a family enterprise in 1962. Transforming over the years into a professional organization, it is today in the forefront of Ammonia Business in India and the Indian-Ocean Region with a presence in many other countries.

Mysore Ammonia was the first in India to start a Cylinder Filling Plant for Ammonia in 1979 and in 1984 was the first to start a Liquor Ammonia Manufacturing Plant in India. With a Long-Term outlook focused on Service, Quality and Safety, in the Ammonia Industry, Mysore Ammonia is known for Transparency in their interactions and good HR practices.

Respected for their business values, the Ethos of Mysore Ammonia is focused on Quality and Safety while their large volumes drive down costs. As a result of this potent combination Mysore Ammonia safely deliver Ammonia in Tankers at a Competitive Price providing Quality Service to their customers while persistently striving for continuous improvement of these services. They have implemented quality management systems in every function to achieve efficiency and effectiveness.

Only Indian Company sourcing Ammonia from the overseas besides India, and also the only Indian company with Manufacturing Plants and tie-ups for Production of Ammonia overseas, Mysore Ammonia is highly reputed in the industry for their Supply-Chain Management also. They follow their commitment to provide solutions as per customer needs and deliver where the Customers needs the Product; when they need it; and with consistent Quality & Quantity standards.

Mysore Ammonia Group

Supplying Ammonia in Tankers

Customers normally have very low storage capacities though Ammonia is an essential chemical with various uses. Mysore Ammonia with their own Cylinders, Tanks, Trailers and Vehicles, combined with their Supply-Chain Management Systems, are the most reliable suppliers of Ammonia in Tankers in every location they are presently supplying.

MYSORE AMMONIA has extensive expertise in regulatory matters pertaining to Anhydrous Ammonia and Ammonia Solution. They assist customers in Installation & Commissioning of their Storage tanks, equipment arrangement, Safety Training and in preparation of necessary regulatory documents as well as guide them in their compliance.

Management Team

  • Nitin Chabaria

    Nitin Chabaria


Sectors Served

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