deNOX for Cement Plant
deNOX for Cement Plant

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deNOX for Cement Plant

The dust load of the flue gas inside a Cement pyro system is extreme compared to other industrial combustion systems. A catalyst for NOx removal is thus exposed to very harsh conditions in a Cement Plant; not just because of the highly abrasive dust, but it also contains elements that can “poison” a deNOx catalyst and reduce its activity. SNCR is thus the most widespread NOx reduction technology for Cement applications. Even SNCR equipment must be designed for the high temperatures and the dusty environment of the Cement Plants.

For Cement Plants with a high baseline ammonia emission and/or high SO2 emission, an SCR Catalyst may be required to avoid visible plumes, dew point corrosion and deposits of Ammonium Bisulphate in Filters/on Fans and may even solve problems with emissions of VOC, TOC, PAH or Dioxins/Furans.

Mysore Ammonia Envirotech Pvt Ltd. (A Division of Mysore Ammonia Group) in association with Technology Collaborator can provide optimized deNOx technology and solutions for Cement Plants. MAEPL focuses on providing solutions for deNOx to the Cement & Power and other Combustion systems - from taking up Plant studies to commissioning including design & engineering, supply & installation in association with their technology Partner on virtually all emission related matters.

The deNOx installations being offered by MAEPL is designed to last and the main advantages include:

  • Providing SNCR systems for concentrated & dilute solutions of technical Urea or Ammonia
  • No dilution water - resulting in low cost of installation, operation & maintenance; reduced risk of dew point corrosion
  • No increase in flue gas flow, no drop in flue gas temperatures and no un-necessary heat or power consumption
  • Unique Injectors as a result of continuous development featuring unsurpassed performance and durability. Injector features include:
    • Adjustable insertion depth
    • Adjustable droplet size and spray pattern on Site
    • Quick coupling for easy mounting and maintenance
    • Heat resistant Injector tip & wear resistant protection tube
    • Replaceable wear parts and nozzle inserts
    • Shop tested Modules in dust & water proof Cabinets with separate IP65 enclosures for electronics.

MAEPL provides concrete deNOx solutions for Cement Plants and can advise and provide solutions to Clients on virtually all emission related matters concerning Cement Plants.

With you from concept to commissioning.